Supporting diagnostic innovations


At Quimark, we promote the access of health systems to innovative products and services. We support the use of precision molecular diagnostic systems in pathology and oncology. Our culture is founded on inclusion and respect for diversity. We want to learn continuously and are open to welcoming new resources.


We support the adoption and use of precision molecular technologies. In particular, we are committed to developing the use of diagnostic tests that allow for early detection of cancer, assess the risk of relapse, predict the benefit of specific clinical treatment and monitor their impact.


The potential benefit to the health of patients guides the choice of our partners and of the technologies that we decide to support.

In 2021 we have partnered with Myriad Genetics, a global leader in genetics and genomic tests. Myriad has introduced highly innovative diagnostic products and services in oncology that are used by a number of cancer centers worldwide

EndoPredict® and Prolaris® are the Myriad genomic, prognostic-predictive tests for breast and prostate cancer. They are requested by tumor boards globally for thousands of patients to make better supported clinical decision.

Myriad myChoice® CDx is the first FDA-approved tumor test that determines homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) status. The results of the test are used as an aid in identifying ovarian cancer patients with positive HRD status, who are or may become eligible for treatment with certain PARP-inhibitor drugs in accordance with the approved therapeutic product labeling.


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